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TSIA2 Pre-Assessment

TSIA2 Pre-Assessment Activity and Test Prep

Every student is required by law to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity, which tells you what to expect from the TSIA2 Test. Students will be unable to take the TSIA2 without first completing the entire Pre-Assessment Activity and obtaining their certificate of completion.  Please create an account to access the Pre-Assessment Activity.  If you do not already have an Accuplacer account, you will be required to create an account before you will be able to begin the Pre-Assessment Activity. 


TSIA2 Pre-Assessment Activity and Practice APP


After creating an account you can login and choose the third option titled “Texas Success Initiative 2.0 Pre-Assessment Activity (TSIA2-PAA)” and begin the pre-assessment. For Step 1 – Select Institution, you will select Bonham ISD for the campus where you plan to take the TSIA2. You will then enter your Bonham ISD Student ID number and Date of Birth.  The Pre-Assessment Activity includes the following:

  • An explanation of the importantance of the TSI Assessment
  • Practice test questions and feedback
  • An explanation of your developmental education options if you don’t meet the minimum passing standard
  • Information on campus and community resources that will help you succeed as a student. 


TSIA2 Pre-Assessment Activity and Practice APP


After Completing the Pre-Assessment Activity

Once you have completed the TSIA2 Pre-Assessment Activity, you will have the ability to fill in, save, and print a certificate of completion. Please make sure to save your certificate of completion as you will need to submit this when registering for your test. You may fill in and save the document as a PDF and email your certificate to [email protected].  

After obtaining your certificate, remember to click on the final “Next” button on the page to ensure your full participation in the Pre-Assessment Activity has been saved. 


Practice Test Activity

The practice app also contains TSI2 Assessment test preparation resources to help you better understand the contant and format of the test.  

If you are ready to prepare for your TSIA2 Assessment and complete the Pre-Assessment Activity, access it below:


TSIA2 Pre-Assessment Activity and Practice APP


For more information about the Pre-Assessment Activity requirements and resources, go to

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