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War Dancer Constitution


Bonham High School War Dancer Constitution 2017-2018


Article 1
The name of this organization shall be the “War Dancers” of Bonham High School.


Article 2

The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • To increase and develop character, scholarship, leadership, individual responsibility, physical fitness, and to maintain high moral character.
  • To promote school spirit and sportsmanship, on and off campus.
  • To represent Bonham Independent School District at the major athletic and school function, on and off campus.
  • To encourage and support interest in all sports, fine arts, and other activities at our school.
  • To create and maintain a very high standard of precision dance to be performed at school functions approved by the director and administration.
  • To act as a support organization representing Bonham high school and Bonham ISD. Along with representing BHS, their purpose shall be to provide halftime entertainment at all Bonham Warrior varsity football games, some varsity basketball games, BHS pep rallies, parades, clinics, competitions, Spring show, and participate or perform at any other functions involving Bonham High School that the Sponsor and administrators shall see as advantageous to BHS and the War Dancer organization.


Article 3
The colors of this organization shall be purple and white.


Article 4
PrACTice like a Champion


Article 5

Section 1- Eligibility for Line Membership

  • Basis for Selection
    • Membership is open to all Bonham High School students in grades 9-11. Prospective members of the War Dancers shall be selected on the basis of their ability to contribute to the good of the group. They will be screened and judged on the basis of high academic and social standards, interest in the organization, and performance abilities.
    • Prospective members who have declared for early graduation are not eligible to serve as a War Dancer during their senior year.
  • Grades
    • The Grade policy governing drill team membership at Bonham High School is designed to give as many girls as possible the opportunity to serve their school, while encouraging the maintenance of high academic standards.
    • Candidates must be enrolled at BHS on the first day of the semester in which tryouts will be held. If a candidate is moving from another school and knows before Camp, said candidate will be able to ask for a private try out. If a candidate moves during the school year, they are able to pratcipate during class but cannot perform with the team.
    • Candidates must be passing all classes, according to UIL rules/requirements, at the six weeks grading mark prior to tryouts. Candidates must meet all UIL requirements for eligibility.
  • Appearance
    • Each member must have good personal habits and be neat in appearance.
    • Each member must be prepared to have their hair, make up, and attire chosen by the director at any time.
  • Permission
    • A permission form will be supplied to each candidate and must be returned, properly completed and signed by parents/guardians, in advance of the tryout date.
  • Schedule Conflicts
    • Due to performance schedule for Friday night varsity football games, War Dancer members will be unable to participate in Friday night junior varsity or freshman volleyball games.
    • Members wishing to play volleyball may either play only on Tuesday nights or must be a member of the Varsity team.

Section 2 -Tryouts

Prospective members must try out for War Dancers. Tryouts are CLOSED and judged by out of town judges and based on ability, memory, projection, coordination, technique, showmanship, and rhythm.  Judges scores will be tabulated; results will be verified by a member of administration.

  • Prior to tryout clinic: Parents/guardians of prospective members must attend a parent informational meeting.
  • Prospective members must complete and turn in: Try out application, Financial Responsibility Acknowledgement, Health Form, and signed War Dancer Constitution/Code of Conduct Verification.
  • Scores will be based on the following: 10% attendance, 10% grades, 10% behavior, and 70% judges scores. Percentages for attendance and grades will be taken from Fall Semester records.
  • Selection for membership will be posted on the district website on the evening of tryout day.
  • The week of tryouts prospective members will have mandatory practices on Monday-Wednesday from 5-6pm.  Here they will learn one of two group dances that will be judged for tryouts.
  • During tryouts prospective members will learn and perform the second of the two group dances to be judged for tryouts, there will be a section of technique analysis that will include but is not limited to: Stationary Leaps, Grand Jetes,  Single turns, and a variety of Kicks.
  • Prospective line members that are accepted as War Dancers will also have a mandatory practice the week of The War Dancer’s Spring Show as well as a mandatory performance in said show.

Section 3 -Maintenance of Membership

  • Grade Requirements
    • Grades will be checked periodically to affirm that every member is maintaining the required average to continue performance with the team. *Refer to BISD’S extracurricular code of conduct.
  • Conduct
    • In addition to BISD’S extracurricular code of conduct, War Dancers must uphold their own code of conduct as well. Please refer to War Dancer’s demerit list. Each demerit has its own punishment. Once a War Dancer reaches the 5th demerit, that member will sit out of the following performance. Unless the demerit is given after formations have been set or if it during a non-performance sentence. Then the 5th demerit will have an assigned workout. The 10th demerit results in a notice being sent home to be read, reviewed, signed, and brought back to the director. The 15th demerit results in dismissal from the team.
  • Social Media
    • No inappropriate posting on any social media sites will be tolerated. Inappropriate posts include anything with Profanity in language, poses, clothing, etc. There should be no postings that include PDA, and members should always represent the team in a respectful manner.
    • Each War Dancer must give their squad leader/ director all of their social media information in order to ensure they maintain our standard of respect. Any social media posts deemed unrespectful or any social media accounts that are hidden will result in a demerit.
  • Financial Responsibility
    • Each member will have a financial responsibility to maintain membership as a War Dancer. Please refer to the Financial Responsibility Acknowledgement.
  • Performance Auditions
    • Each member will be required to audition for scheduled performances. It is possible to be chosen as a War Dancer and not perform in every performance. The director, assistant director, managers, and officers will judge routines and make decisions regarding performances.
    • Performance ability, as well as showmanship and effort will be taken into consideration. Members who are unable to execute the routine in the expected standard or who have excessive negativity regarding practices will not be chosen to perform.
    • Each War Dancer member will have a guaranteed five performances.
    • Members cut from a routine are still required and attended practice and performance.


Section 6- Loss of Membership


If a member fails to maintain the standards of scholarship, conduct, character, and/or performance required of the members of War Dancers, it will demonstrate cause for the member’s dismissal from the group. If she is dismissed, she will not participate in any drill team actives for the rest of that drill team season.

*Dismissal from the team will result in member’s mandatory return of all War Dancer property*


Section 7- Duties and Responsibilities of Membership


  • Attendance
    • All line members shall practice regularly during and after school as dictated by the performance schedule.
    • Every member shall be present whenever required. A member missing two or more practices or a field day practice during a week for any reason will not be allowed to perform that week.
    • Members will arrive on time to practice and stay until dismissed by director.
    • A member who is absent from school on the day of a performance may not perform that day. Members must be present for the entire day of a performance.
    •  The only accepted excuse for an absence are illness with a doctors note, required school activity, or death in immediate family.
    • Drill team camp will be held during the summer and is mandatory.
    • Drill team two-a-days will be held during the summer and is mandatory.
    • Drill team weekly practices will be held during the summer and are highly encouraged.
    • Practice may required on school holidays or weekends.
    • If we are in playoffs during the holidays members are expected to attend practices and the game.
    • If absence is necessary, members must contact the director prior to the missed event with an excused absence.

Section 8- Social Officers

Social Officers of this organization shall consist of 1 social for a team of 10-14 members, 2 socials for a team of 15-19, and 3 socials for a team of 20-25.

The Social Officers are to set an example for all to follow while remaining respectful of the Line Officers that reside above them. They are responsible for the upkeep of War Dancer social media sites, planning social events such as sleepovers, parties, banquet, etc. Social Officers will also be responsible for doing team birthday's, gifts for other drill teams, etc. They will also assist their designated Line Officer in whatever they need. Social Officers will provide team building and encouragement during practice and performance.

  • Auditioning for a Social Officer Position
    • To be eligible to Audition for a Social Officer position, one must have already been a War Dancer member for at least 1 football season, as well as maintaining all the line member eligibility requirements.
    • Each prospective Social Officer will be given a tryout form that will include instructions and the paperwork needed to complete the first section of the audition: The Binder. The Binder will include but is not limited to: A current Picture, the application, a resume, report card, general questions, a year calendar of events, and goals and responsibilities.
    • Each prospective Social Officer will be responsible for presenting a Speech paired with a Presentation of why they would be a good Social Officer, paired with their banquet, recital, team gift, a chant, and team building ideas
    • Any prospective Social Officer cannot have more than FIVE demerits

Section 9- Line Officers

The Line Officers of this organization shall consist of 2 officers for a team of 10-14, 3-4 officers for a team of 15-19, and 5 officers for a team of 20-24. Scores and votes will determine the rank of each officer.

The Line Officers are to set an example for all to follow, enforce the Constitution, choreograph, teach and polish dances, make sure that all members know the dances, issue demerits, have input into the policies and decision-making, report offenders, be sensitive to the team's needs, promote good relations among team members, among themselves with other organizations, demonstrate initiative and good leadership at all times.  

  • Auditioning for a Line Officer Position
    • To be eligible to Audition for a Line Officer position, one must have already been a War Dancer member for at least 2 football seasons, as well as holding a position as a Social Officer. They must also maintain all the line member eligibility requirements. The requirment is only eligible if there are candidates open for it.
    • Each prospective Line Officer will be given a tryout form that will include instructions and the paperwork needed to complete the first section of the audition: The Binder. The Binder will include but is not limited to: A current Picture, the application, a resume, report card, general questions, scenarios,  and goals and responsibilities.
    • A solo choreographed by only the prospective Line Officer that includes various techniques, emotion, and showmanship. This solo will be anywhere from a minute and a half to two minutes. Said prospective Line Officer will also be responsible for creating a costume to match the style of their solo.
    • Each prospective Line Officer will participate in learning a group dance.
    • Each prospective member will give a speech to the team as a whole about why they would make a good Line Officer.
    • Each prospective Line Officer must have their Right Splits, Right and Left Tilt, Right and Left Double, Right and Left Axels, Right and Left Calypsos, and Right and Left Russians. 
    • The Line Officer positions will be decided by the Director, Director Assistant, Managers, Pervious years Line Officers, and the upcoming team.
    • Captains will be upcoming seniors (unless there are none). Lieutenants will be upcoming juniors or seniors.
    • Will attend a Mandatory Line Officer Camp during the summer.
    • Any prospective officer cannot have more than FIVE demerits
  • Captain
    • Has the responsibility of supervision over the other officers and members.
    • Is directly responsible for the team's field commands when in performance.
    • Is second only to the Director and Director Assistant.
    • Will work closely with the Director and other Officers in making decisions.
    • Is to work with the Director in planning performances, making up routines, teaching routines, and is responsible for helping to perfect over-all performance.
    • Is to meet with the Director and discuss the development and progress of the group.
    • Is responsible for setting an example for other drill team members by maintaining a positive cooperative attitude, for promoting school spirit and drill team unity.
    • Is responsible for helping the Director choose War Dancer of the Week.
    • Is responsible for choreographing a field dance, a competition dance, and a recital dance for the entire team.
    • Is responsible for choreographing a dance for their designated squad for recital
    • Will be demoted if they recieve 5 demerits
  • Lieutenants
    • Is responsible for assisting the Captain with the team's field commands when in performance.
    • Is responsible for maintaining good relationships with other officers and team members.
    • In the absence of the Captain, the First Lieutenant assumes the duties of the Captain, followed by the Second Lieutenant, followed by the Third Lieutenant.
    • Is responsible for helping the Captain, Director, or Director Assistant whenever needed.
    • Is responsible for choreographing a field dance and a recital dance for the entire team.
    • Is responsible for choreographing a dance for their designated squad for recital.
    • Will be demoted if they recieve 5 demerits


Article 6

War Dancer Uniform


No uniform or part of a uniform may be worn outside of its intended purpose and is strictly prohibited from being loaned out.

Section 1- Performance Uniform

  • Will consist of any items that are worn for a performance and shall be treated as such.
  • Additions may be made at any time.
  • No Candy or Gum
  • No Jewelry
  • No Nail Polish
  • All uniforms must be clean, kept in their garment bag, and in good repair.
  • Boots must be cleaned, polished, and in good repair.
  • Hats are to be kept in their locker when not being worn.

Section 2- Game Day Uniforms

  • Game Day uniform will consist of the outfit chosen by the Officers and Director.
  • Each member is required to wear this uniform on the designated day.

Section 3 - General Appearance

  • Hair must always be neat. During practice, hair must be out of the face and away from the eyes.
  • While performing hair must be worn as designated.
  • Make-up worn during the performance will be applied liberally as approved of the Director.

Section 4- Other Drill Team Items

  • During the course of the season, members may be issued additional items to enhance their uniform, add to their performance ability or help members be more comfortable while performing their spirit duties. Items may include but are not limited to: Poms, Blankets, leggings, etc.
  • Each member is responsible for maintaining these items in good repair and returning them at the proper time in good repair. Any item deemed by the director to not be in good repair will need to be cleaned, repaired or paid for by the member.

Article 8

Appearances/ Performances

Section 1- Behavior

  • The drill team will help promote spirit and acceptable behavior at all athletic and drill team appearances.
  • When sitting in a group, they will cheer, do all hand routines and stand or sit as directed by Captain or Director.
  • No outsiders may sit with or visit with any member.
  • 3rd Quarter of Varsity football and Basketball games will be set aside for trips to the bathroom and concessions.
    • There will be no foods deemed as "messy" by the director eaten in uniform.
  • Use of cell phones and other electronic devices is strictly prohibited while in the stands.
  • If not at attention, talking is permitted.
  • No gum chewing while in practice or performance.
  • Permission to leave will be given only for extreme emergencies such as illness, and then only accompanied by a parent.

Section 2- Inspection

  • Inspection for proper dress, make-up, jewelry, etc. will be held prior to final practice for any performance.
  • Every member must meet the requirements of the inspection at the designated time.
  • Every member must be completely ready at the time of inspection.
  • Any member not in proper uniform, or ready at the time of inspection, will not perform and/or receive a demerit.
  • Inspections will be done by three people. The first person to inspect each member will be each members said Squad Leader. The second will be the Captain, followed by the Director.


Section 3- Transportation

  • Bus transportation will be provided for out of town activities.
  • All members must have a BISD Travel Release on file.
  • All members must ride the bus to and from the activity unless prior approval is received by the Director.

Article 9


  • The Director may enforce other rules, both verbal and written, as they become necessary during the school year.
  • The constitution is subject to change at any time.
  • The interpretation of the constitution is the sole right of the Director and building principal.
  • Any amendments made to the constitution will be done so in the best interest of the organization as a whole.
  • The constitution is by no means a complete list of all the rules and regulations of the War Dancer program at Bonham ISD. It is meant to be a set of guidelines to be followed.


Article 10

Demerits and Punishments

Section 1 - Demerits

Demerits will be issued by the Director, Assistant Director, or Line Officers. Each War Dancer can receive 5 demerits before sitting out a performance, 10 demerits before having a notice sent home, and 15 demerits before being dismissed from the team. Each War Dancer also has the opportunity to work off demerits at any time.

  • Offenses with punishment of ONE Demerit
    • Hair not pulled up properly, only if you cannot find hair tie or refuse.
    • Incorrect clothes/shoes during practice or Spirit Day
    • Not having Poms for Practice
    • Returning an item late (One Per Day)
    • Wearing Nail Polish that isn't approved by Director
    • Talking after being told to be quiet
    • Failing to notify the Director when going to be absent
    • Tardy to practice
    • Use of cell phone during practice or performance without permission
    • Lending any piece of War Dancer property to someone


  • Offenses with punishment of TWO Demerits
    • Not having Poms for performance
    • Incorrect/incomplete field/performance uniform
    • Unexcused absence from any drill team activity/performance
    • Academic Dishonesty which has been confirmed
    • Office Referral that results in disciplinary action
    • Leaving practice without permission
    • Inappropriate behavior in or out of uniform
    • PDA
    • Talking outside of ranks
    • Profanity
    • Eating food in uniform that hasn't been approved by the Director
    • Failing a class which results in not being able to perform
    • Unladylike behavior
    • Being disrespectful to Director, Teachers, Administrators, Staff, or Line Officers

Section 2- Punishments

Our Punishment system heavily relies on a system called "Spell it out" . It is a system at which each letter of the alphabet has previously been paired with a type of workout plus the amount of reps for said workout.  Other forms of punishment are what we call "Kick Downs", which is doing a certain amount of 8-counts while kicking, sending letters home to guardians, sitting out of performances, etc. Each demerit has a punishment that is paired with it, the more demerits a member receives, the harder the punishment. For example, A member's first Demerit will be doing "Kick Downs" from five, while the member's sixth demerit will be doing "Kick Downs" from ten.

Section 3- Dismissal from the team

There are a number of things that are cause for immediate dismissal from the team. These things include pregnancy, use of drugs (vapes, tabaco, weed, etc.) or alcohol, receiving 15 demerits, failing elegibilty twice in one year, or any time spent in ISS or DAP.

Demerits erase and start over every summer camp, but War Dancers are expected to uphold these standards all year long.