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Scholarship Tips

Scholarships are an opportunity for free money to pay for college.  You need to up your odds of winning more scholarships.  But how?

The idea of applying to scholarships can be overwhelming for students and parents alike.  Many people have a range of misconceptions about how the scholarship process works, when you can apply, where the money goes, and even if it will ever get easier.  Luckily, there are answers to all of those concerns!

An amazing scholarship essay could make all the difference!  Tips and example essays here!

Here’s how to spot the scammy ones.

It’s important to know scholarships aren’t just based on activities. They require other areas of focus to be all-around competitive. Each application may vary slightly but there are still consistent staples that students should consider. And what you may find surprising is that ANY student can do these things.

Learn how to find and win more scholarships you qualify for.