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Drill Team

Bonham High School
War Dancers 

2020-2021 War Dancers

The War Dancers perform at Pep Rallies, Friday night Football games, and High School Basketball games. The War Dancers also perform at competitions every year, and they have brought home over 20 awards since 2016. Tryouts to become a War Dancer occur every March, and we accept in-coming freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The War Dancers strive to be involved in the community by fundraising, working along side other extra-curricular organizations, and hosting youth clinics throughout the year. 


The 2021-2022 Team


Captain- Rebecca Wilson – 4th Year Member

Lieutenant- Victoria Beatty – 4th Year Member

Social- Kayla England – 3rd Year Member

Line Members:

Emily Banks – 4th  Year Member

Ariel Lauterbach – 4th  Year Member

Sabrina Stevens – 4th  Year Member

Jessica Humphrey – 2nd Year Member

Alejandra Soto – 2nd Year Member

Ashlynn Long-Brauer – 1st Year Member

Elizabeth White – 1st Year Member

Merybeth Cruz Herrera – 1st Year Member

Zoey Mangum – 1st Year Member

Lorelei Roberts – 1st Year Member



Kylie Hewett


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Drug Testing

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Drug Testing was on August 4th @ 10 am. Drug Testing is mandatory