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BHS Counselor

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Conference Times:

Email, Call, or Leave a note on my door!

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About Me

Educational History:

Passed National Counselor Examination (NCE) spring 2016 and was awarded License as Professional Counselor Intern May 2016 – under supervision from Michelle Griffith, MS, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

Graduated Texas A&M University – Commerce with M.S. December 2015

Graduated LeTourneau University Longview, Texas Summa Cum Laude with B.S. in May 2011

High School graduate from piney woods East Texas area

Degrees and Certifications:

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (LPC Intern) working under Michelle Griffith; M.S., LPC Supervisor

Masters of Science in Community Counseling

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration

PATH International Certified Riding Advanced Instructor 

PATH International Certified Driving Instructor – Level II


Professional Development:

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training

Current Position:

This is my third year on staff as a Counselor with Bonham ISD and my first at BHS. I am super excited about this new opportunity since counseling teens has been my dream for over 15 years. 

My job description includes all non-academic counseling related services some of which include:

  • Coordinating Bullying Prevention Programs
  • Coordinating Suicide Prevention Programs and Other Suicide Prevention Measures
  • Coordinating 504 Meetings and Services
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Drug and Substance Use Counseling
  • Pregnancy Related Services
  • Referral to Appropriate Mental Health Resources

This is not an exhuastive list and other exciting programs are in the works for coming years such as the Positive Behavior Initative. This will encourage students who are making choices to strengthen and encourage a school culture where peers support one another in greater positive actions.

Previous Position:

In January 2015, I began with Bonham ISD as a counseling Student Intern at Finley-Oates Elementary school working under the supervision of Michelle Griffith; M.S., LPC Supervisor. After my graduation from Texas A&M University – Commerce, I was hired full-time as the Counselor for Finley-Oates Elementary.

Prior to moving to this area, I had a total combined 15 years experience as a volunteer and then full-time PATH Intl. Therapeutic Instructor with Windridge Therapeutic Equestrian Center.As an instructor, I learned about the therapeutic possibilities between animals and people of all ages. I taught children and adults with physical, cognitive, emotional, and mental health needs to ride and drive horses as a means of therapy.  This opportunity helped me strengthen the desire to become a fully licensed counselor.

Family Information:

I am truly blessed to be the oldest of 6 siblings who have allowed me to be a significant part of their lives since we were all very small. I often look back on our life growing up and realize how much I learned about the importance of human connection, love and belonging, mutual support, as well as how we learn from and teach one another at the same time. My greatest joy in life is spending time with my siblings and their families, especially my young niece and two nephews. 

I have a Great Dane/Labrador Retreiver young dog who I hope to train to be a part of my work as a counselor. In addition I own three horses, a Thoroughbred, an Arabian, and an Arabian cross (mixed breed). I would love to compete in Dressage one day. Although this is an Olympic summer event sport, I doubt I will reach that level of accomplishment, but I sure enjoy watching the beauty of a horse and human moving as though dancing.

Personal Information:

Things I Enjoy 

  •  Family and friends are easily the most important things in my life and my greatest joy is spending time with the people I love. 
  • Horses! Horses have been a part of my life since I was a teenager. They still help me find quiet and peace in a busy world. They remind me that slowing down, remaining calm, and looking for wonder in the details are truly the greatest moments life.
  • Art and photography, especially of nature or natural wonders.  Too often words fall short in expressing the greatness that exists in people and in the world. Photography and art remind me to take in each moment and appreciate its full beauty.
  • Music. I enjoy many different genres of music and varied artists. Although out of practice, I have played the violin. I truly believe music is one of the most emotional and deep expressions of the human soul.