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           2022-2023 Bonham ISD Choir and Varsity Choir Classroom Syllabus


Teacher:  Ms. Anna Waller

Room:     Choir Room


Contact Information: 


1002 Warpath St.
Bonham, Texas 75418

(903)-583-5567, Ext. 3109


Course Description:  


Concert Choir is a mixed (SATB) performing ensemble dedicated to the preparation and performance of quality choral literature from a variety of periods and styles.  The emphasis throughout the year will be on developing individual and ensemble singing skills, musicianship and technique.  In addition, fundamentals in music theory including musical terms, score reading and sight-singing will be studied. Varsity Choir studies more challenging material, competes in competitions, and travels for Choir Festivals..


Student Learning Expectations:

The Bonham ISD student demonstrates cultural literacy – understanding diverse cultures and recognizing global perspectives.  We will concentrate on developing musicianship, vocal technique, and sight singing skills.  Vocal exercises and choral materials are chosen to encourage steady progress in developing lifelong musical skills.  

Students will sing a wide variety of music and will explore diatonic and chromatic sight singing examples through eclectic methodologies. Regular performances will be scheduled and full participation is expected from each student.  



  • Choral literature from a variety of periods and styles

  • Drill and practice software used and available in class



Assessment/Grading Policy:


Grades will be based on the following:

  • Class participation

  • Notebook/folder

  • Written/aural tests and quizzes

  • Rhythm Quizzes

  • Fundamental singing skills – posture, breathing, tone production, diction

(Note: evaluation in this area will be based on improvement/growth and not ability)

  • Unless an emergency occurs, attendance at all events outside the regular school day is mandatory

(A legitimate excuse – at the director’s discretion – must be communicated by phone or in writing by a PARENT / GUARDIAN PRIOR TO the DAY of the event)

*Grades are weighted 60% for comprehensive tests given at the end of every grading period, but also includes assessments, quizzes, and performances; 40% for participation, homework, and classroom assignments; Performances with the choir count as 5 test grades each.


Classroom Procedures/Requirements:


  • The chorus is open to any student with a desire to sing.  Those in Varsity Choir must pass an audition process and be approved by the instructor.  A majority of class time will be spent singing.  Participation in all class activities is required.

  • Students should come to class prepared – all music and a pencil must be brought to each class/rehearsal in a folder.  Failure to bring materials to class will negatively impact student grade.

  • Students are responsible for learning their individual parts.   Internet access is available in the music area before and after school and during direct studies.  (Bottom line – there is no reason for being unprepared for class)  Students will be evaluated individually in this area.

  • A successful choir is built on a spirit of cooperation and respect.  Behavior that has a negative impact on the group or rehearsals will not be tolerated.

  • Concert Choir is a co-curricular activity.  Rehearsals and performances are scheduled outside the school day.  Attendance at all events is REQUIRED.  Every attempt is made to avoid conflicts with other Bonham ISD activities (sports, band, student council, etc.)  Dates will be posted at least one month in advance so you can give employers ample notice of needed time off.  


Expectations: In the classroom and in performance settings, students involved in Chamber Choir and Concert Choir should:

Be Respectful and Cooperative:

  • Contribute to a positive classroom atmosphere

  • Respect the abilities of your peers – listen to your section leaders

  • Do not interrupt rehearsal by talking or otherwise distracting others

  • Be prompt – be ready to begin active rehearsal when the bell rings


Be Responsible and Productive:

  • Bring all music, sight-singing materials and a pencil to each class

  • Give your best effort at all times

  • Be attentive to the rules of good singing – posture, diction, intonation, musicianship

  • Participate fully in all class activities

  • Come to class prepared each day – learn vocal parts as assigned


Follow School Rules and Teachers’ Expectations:

  • Keep food and drinks (except water) out of the classroom.  Water goes beside your seat.

  • Remain focused on the director/section leader throughout class



Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or to set up a conference time.  Thank you!

Anna Waller

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School Phone:
903-583-5567, X3109
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