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Chandler Fox

Senior Spotlight: Chandler Fox

My name is Chandler Fox, for several years I have been focused on my goal of becoming a Texas Game Warden. I plan on achieving this by applying myself to my future college studies and looking for opportunities of internships with the game warden program once I reach the age of 21. Part of my plan is to volunteer with Texas Parks and Wildlife in whatever capacity they are in need. I want to become a Texas Game Warden because I have always admired law enforcement and what they do. Additionally, I have a passion for game and fish life and wish to enforce the laws surrounding them i.e. Fish and Game Laws. 

After I graduate high school, I plan to attend Grayson College for two years to complete an Associate’s in Criminal Justice; and finally, transfer to Texas A&M University-Commerce for two years to complete a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. After I graduate college, I will volunteer and intern with TPWD. Following my experiences with TPWD, I will then apply to the Texas Game Warden Academy. To prepare myself for this academy, I will get myself into better physical shape and study the laws of Texas. 

Chandler FoxChandler Fox