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Remote Learning

Welcome to Bonham High School’s Remote Learning Center


I chose remote learning (off-campus instruction), now what?

Welcome to Bonham High School’s Remote Learning Center. We know that this is new for everybody so the goal is of this page is to make the transition to remote learning as simple and seamless as possible. Please be patient with us as we streamline this process. So you have chosen remote learning and want to know what you do from here. Below is a list of things that must be completed in order for you to begin the remote learning process on the first day of school.

  1. Watch the Remote Learning Orientation Slideshow below.
    This slide show explains the difference between remote synchronous and remote asynchronous instruction as well as identifies those classes that cannot be taught remotely per TEA. It also gives an overview of expectations for both synchronous and asynchronous instruction as well as attendance requirements. 
  2. Complete the Student Information Sheet (See sidebar)
    This is where you will select how (asynchronous/synchronous) you will receive instruction in each one of your classes. If you are choosing synchronous, be sure you review the synchronous learning schedule so you know when you are supposed to be on-line with your teacher.  To complete the form, you must login to your school email account. 
  3. Download, print, sign and return the Remote Learner Compact (See sidebar)
    This must be completed and returned to Mrs. Buckaloo by August 20th. This is new, so if you attended the orientation this will need to be completed. You may scan the signed copy of both pages and email the completed compact to 
  4. Complete the Remote Learning Meal Questionnaire (See sidebar)
    Bonham ISD will be providing a free breakfast and lunch to our remote learners, however, in order to receive your breakfast and lunch, you must complete the meal questionnaire and return to the BHS office.  
  5. Pick up a device if you need one
    Students may check out a ChromeBook from the library on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 if they have not already checked out a device. To check out a device, you must complete the Device Contract and bring a signed copy to the school. 
  6. Email your teachers from your school email.
    Your teachers should be adding you to their Google Classroom, but because our list is changing quickly, it is a good idea to use your schedule and email all of your teachers. Introduce yourself and let them know you need the Google Classroom code or to be added to their Google Classroom. 
  7. Complete and return 1st Day Paperwork
    If your parents have not done the online registration, you will need them to complete that as soon as possible. This information has to be updated yearly. If you have any questions with the online registration, please contact Pam Ward at  You will also need to complete the Student Acknowledgement and Receipt of the Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook as well as the annual Health update. Please scan the signed copies of these and email them to Ms. Scott at or bring them by the front office. 
  8. Join us on August 20
    If you are doing asynchronous learning, log in and complete tasks assigned by your teachers. If you are doing synchronous, be sure to join on Google Meets at the time class meets. 

Remote Learning Orientation: