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Culinary Arts Course Syllabus


Course Overview:  This course will provide students with the necessary skills for more advanced cooking and expose them to the world of professional cooking.  The food service industry is large and diverse with many opportunities and challenges for those who embark on a career in Culinary Arts. Students will learn about safety in the kitchen, tools and gadgets used in the kitchen, and basic culinary skills.  These valuable lessons can be used throughout life no matter what course your career takes.


1st Nine Weeks

The Professional Chef

Sanitation Hazards

Sanitation Procedures

Safety in the Kitchen

Knives and Hand Tools in the Kitchen


Large Equipment


Using Recipes

Basic Preparations

Kitchen Staples

Cooking Principles


2nd Nine Weeks

Salads and Dressings

Fruit Identification/Preparation

Cold Sandwiches


Vegetable Identification/Preparation


Hot Sandwiches and Pizza

Dairy and Egg Identification

Breakfast Cookery


3rd Nine Weeks

Basic Meat and Poultry Preparation

Starch Cookery

Introduction to the Bakeshop

Quick Breads and Batters


Yeast-Raised Products


4th Nine Weeks

Pies and Tarts


Custards, Foams, and Buttercreams

Dessert Sauces and Frozen Desserts

Table Service


Foreign Foods


Course Supplies:

3 ring binder

4 dividers

Notebook paper


Grading Procedures:

Daily work and Labs     40%

Tests and Grading Period Folders 60%


Class Expectations:

Be on time and seated when the tardy bell rings.

Have all supplies each and every day.

Personal devices will be put on SILENT and placed in the phone holder corresponding

to student’s gradebook number.

Respect others and their property.

No food or drink in the classroom.

Bring a positive attitude to class.

Be prepared to learn something new every day.


Lab Expectations:

Follow all safety rules and guidelines at all times when working in the lab.

Hair MUST be restrained (boys and girls) at all times when working in the lab.

Aprons or lab coats should be worn at all times in the lab.

Lab must be kept clean and all equipment put away daily.

Keep an open palate and be willing to try new things.

All food must remain in the lab unless prior approval from teacher is received.

Only students enrolled in Culinary Arts may use the lab unless prior approval

is received from teacher.